RideBuzz Vission, Mission, Goals

RideBuzz Mission Vision Goals are to increase the use of ridesharing, reduce emissions, and save community members money 

RideBuzz takes global warming trends and community needs seriously!!  There is a call to action to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and develop community-based strategies that are more resilient to economic downturn and fuel price fluctuations.  Get Involved! All contributions of skill and funding are welcomed.

Goals (detailed)

  •     Normalize the Use of Rideshares Through Socially Cooperative and Technologically Convenient Strategies and Community Education
  •     Provide Flexible and Accessible Transportation Options that Cross-Demographic Lines and Aid Under-served Communities - Including Elderly, Disabled, Low-Income, Unlicensed, and New Americans.
  •     Increase Ease of Use and Access to Ridesharing options
  •     Deliver Significant Fuel Savings to Carpoolers - Retaining Dollars in Local Communities.
  •     Increase Social Cooperation and Interaction – Community Building
  •     Reduce Carbon Emissions and Fuel Consumption
  •     Increase Vehicle Occupancy and Reduce Vehicle Miles Driven
  •     Promote the Use of More Efficient Transportation Options Including Multi-Modal Strategies