Intern, Volunteer and University Project Collaboration

Ridebuzz Positions as of Sep. '09 through '10
Organization Name: RideBuzz
Contact: Jeff Brown
Tel. 413-253-0681
Address: PO BOX 106, Amherst, MA 01004
Here's a fun video documenting a rideshare across country!


Available Positions

1)      Intern & Volunteer Team Builder/Coordinator
 Help thread together a semester long project acting as a bridge between Ridebuzz Executive Staff and Interns working on various projects. Multi-tasking, communication, strong team skills and positive attitude are a must. If you enjoy working with people, are organized and enjoy getting things done, then this would be a great for you.
2)      Strategic Outreach 1: Working with other organizations to provide ridesharing groups primarily for events such as festivals, show, conferences.
3)      Strategic Outreach 2: Promoting the Ridebuzz Coffee (Roasted by Deans Beans to business and groups
4)      Campus Marketing: Planning and arranging events. Contacting potential event co-sponsors, running events, tabling booths, flyers and promotional material, creative solutions also welcome “GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE RIDEBUZZ PROGRAM!!”    Be prepared to harness your on and offline social networking skills to build awareness and links.
5)      Graphic Designer: Creating flyers & Promotional Materials
6)      Web Graphic Designers: Prior experience in Design and User Interface: Help create new looks and intuitive flow for the website by creating layered mockups that will be imported into the web framework. Website feedback and conducting test groups will help inform site design. 
7)      Web Developers: Help design cutting edge web tools: PHP and drupal experience needed.
General Info for all positions:
In an era where social and environmental responsibility are more fully integrating into business and government leadership circles, Ridebuzz Internships will provide students & volunteers with a meaningful and relevant portfolio building experience - working in areas that support innovation, environment, social responsibility, and alternative transportation. Working with Ridebuzz is a great opportunity if you are inspired to use your time to help create meaningful changes. Applicants should have strong communication skills, passion, motivation to learn experientially, and preferably prior work experience.
Organizational Description is a community-driven ridesharing program in the Pioneer Valley that is directly benefiting the local community and environment with innovative web-based strategies. RideBuzz is working to help people share rides; build a stronger community; and drastically reduce fuel consumption while stimulating local economies. This community-enriching organization is increasing access to low-cost and efficient transportation options that are utilized by students, professionals, and communities with transportation access barriers (i.e. low-income, elderly, disabled, immigrant and non-licensure populations). This is a unique and innovative program that is endorsed by Co-op Power, CET, Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Highland Valley Elder Services, Riverside Industries, Mayor Higgins (Northampton), ServiceNet, PV Local First, Mass Bike PV, Deans Beans, River Valley Market, Author Richard Heinberg (Peak Oil expert and RideBuzz Board of Advisor), and many more.



Collaborative Projects and other areas of Interest

1) Graduate, Doctoral, and Undergraduate Project Opportunities

RideBuzz is seeking high-level involvement to help design and implement various aspects of our program - working with interns, faculty and community to increase our program capacity and efficacy.

One project that needs involvement:

Summary of Elder Rideshare Proposed Pilot Project


2) Social Change Activists (grassroots volunteer organizers/canvassers): “Moving towards sustainability.”

Responsibilities: Locate and mobilize a force of canvassers to raise awareness and funding for the program.  If you attain financial sponsors you will be rewarded monetarily.


Economic Development: Leverage your business skills for social change

Responsibilities: Communicating the economic value proposition of the RideBuzz program to businesses, helping implement rideshare programs (being involved and leading sales and potential financial partnering sponsors.  If you attain financial sponsors you will be rewarded monetarily.

4) Computer Science and Web Development

Responsibilities:  Using your skill set to augment the development process

Looking for Computer programmers, web developers that have interest in playing a role in the development of an innovative ridesharing system that is developing GPS enabled approaches to increase last-minute options for users.  A background in Drupal (open source CMS – based in PHP) and/or a strong willingness to learn is crucial.  RideBuzz uses Drupal.


5) Marketing Savvy Outreach Folks/Events Planners/Creative solutions for raising awareness

Responsibilities: Planning and arranging events.  Contacting potential event co-sponsors, running events, tabling booths, creating flyers and marketing and promotional material, creative solutions also welcome “GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE RIDEBUZZ PROGRAM!!”  Planning Community events (that may include music events and other activities that draw the general community in and create awareness)”


6) Planners: Transportation, Sustainability

Responsibilities: Looking at geographic strategies and physical location based strategies to increase the use of ridesharing inclusive of GIS mapping; Demographic analysis and identification of communities that can be served by the program


7) Grant writers 

Responsibilities: Locating and applying for grants that will strengthen the RideBuzz program

Focus area: Congestion and traffic Mitigation, Environment, social welfare, transportation, economic stimulation foundations, government grants, etc.   If your efforts return funding, you will be rewarded monetarily.


8) Graphic Designers/Artist Activists: 

Responsibilities: Flyer Design, web design, bumper stickers shirts and finding creative ways to raise consciousness using art as a medium.


9) Film and Media Students:

Responsibilities: Produce media that increases awareness of social change movements.  Collaborate and utilize professional resources at ACTV Amherst - Opportunity to create a documentary on ridesharing, and short commercials for webcast and to be aired on public television.


10) English, Writing, Publishing:

Learn how to create web content that is pervasive in gaining attention in social Networks.  Help thread RideBuzz into social Networking Mediums.  Create meaningful web content


11)  Community Development

Responsibilities: Communicating with under-served populations and related human service organizations/agencies (may also include municipalities and socially responsible businesses) to help co-develop tailored rideshare programs and educate related communities about the RideBuzz program; PowerPoint presentation and strong communication skills will be helpful.  We welcome individuals with a command of the Spanish language, but not necessary.