Rides needed to and from Worcester on 9/21 and 9/23 anytime in the PM

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I have a larp game in Spencer, MA to get to this weekend and need to go up Friday night and come back either Saturday or Sunday.

Northampton to BDL

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Ride needed to West Virginia

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Hi there, I need to visit my stepfather in Procious, West Virginia. If you can't get right to Procious, I could possibly get a ride from Charleston. I am actually flexible on the date. I was hoping for March or April but as long as it's before Fall it will work for me. I'm also flexible on times of day for leaving, though I'd prefer late morning. I would love a return ride back if you're going that way or near there for a few days and coming back also like I am. I am of course give gas money as well.

need ride from plano to irving

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Ashville to Penland

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Hello! I need to be at Penland School of Crafts by 9am on March 11th. Would go a few days earlier if you are headed in that direction. I am friendly, can chip in for gas $ and would prefer to ride with women/queer friendly folks. Thank you!

Trying to get to stand with water protectors in North Dakota

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Final destination standing rock north dakota

SF to Big Sur 1/20 Friday

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Hi there! Is anyone driving through Big Sur this Friday, 1/20? Would love a ride. Willing to chip in for gas. Nai

Sea to PDX

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Looking for weekend trips to portland.

Ride from Los Angeles to Portland needed

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I am moving from Los Angeles to Portland but I am very minimal so I only need space for 2 suitcases. I am very nice and easy going :)

Rideshare to Henderson

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I am looking to share a ride to Nevada, my destination is Henderson. I need to be there by January 27, but I am flexible to leave any day during that week.
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