Carpool/ Rideshare Franklin County to Springfield

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I commute daily from Gill (near Greenfield) to Springfield. Ideally, I would like to alternate driving with someone else on or more days per week (possible days are M,W,F, and some Thursdays.)

Starting off with one day per week would be fine.

Prefer to share with person who can drive their car half the time, but open to rider who will cost share, too.

Northampton to Worcester commute MWF

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I commute MWF from Northampton to Worcester via the Mass Pike, and can carpool from exits off the Pike. I leave the Northampton area between 7:30am and 8:30am arriving in Worcester between 9:00am and 10:00am. Mondays and Fridays I can leave Worcester any time after 2:30pm and don't mind waiting until 6pm; Wednesdays I get done between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

We can alternate driving, or you can contribute $7 each way for gas and tolls. My car is no smoking, seatbelts required, sorry no service animals due to allergies.

Ride Offered to Gold's Gym Chicopee

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I'd like to go to the gym on Rt 33 in Chicopee sometime today, late morning or afternoon and am willing to take someone. If you let me know in advance, I can put up the bike rack.

Holyoke to Chester

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I leave at the same time (approx.) every morning, but come home at different times each day, and sometimes by different routes. More often than not, I leave Chester at 4-4:15 each day. If you live on the way from Holyoke to Chester, the time frame fits for you, and you can be flexible, let's talk about sharing a ride.

Carpool desired - Rides offered

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I commute almost every M-F from Easthampton, MA to Bloomfield, CT. And would consider Carpools if both points are within 5 minutes or so.

Also, since I am driving this commute anyways, I will offer rides along my route, basically anywhere inbetween 17a in MA to exit 38 in CT on I-91.

Leaving my house around 7 am and leaving anytime between 5pm and 6 pm.

Please Email if interested.

Contrary to info above, I do not have a bike rack.

Commute from Noho to Greenfield

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Very early commuter from Turners to Northampton

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I leave Turners at 3:30 AM everyweekday and I leave Northampton at 3ish PM for Turners. Fat chance anyone else has that schedule, but here's hoping.

Going to the RideBuzz Event???

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I have a station wagon with room for wheel chair and 2 bike racks on the roof. Happy to help out in any way that I can.

Great tasks require great committments

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mau, i will call later,

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