Carpool desired - Rides offered

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I commute almost every M-F from Easthampton, MA to Bloomfield, CT. And would consider Carpools if both points are within 5 minutes or so.

Also, since I am driving this commute anyways, I will offer rides along my route, basically anywhere inbetween 17a in MA to exit 38 in CT on I-91.

Leaving my house around 7 am and leaving anytime between 5pm and 6 pm.

Please Email if interested.

Contrary to info above, I do not have a bike rack.

Commute from Noho to Greenfield

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Very early commuter from Turners to Northampton

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I leave Turners at 3:30 AM everyweekday and I leave Northampton at 3ish PM for Turners. Fat chance anyone else has that schedule, but here's hoping.

Going to the RideBuzz Event???

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I have a station wagon with room for wheel chair and 2 bike racks on the roof. Happy to help out in any way that I can.

Great tasks require great committments

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mau, i will call later,

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