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Contribute to help Ridebuzz bridge the transportation gap.

Transportation is the "little-known crisis" in America and is a major barrier for tens of millions of Americans due to physical or financial hurdles, and lack of supporting infrastructure.  To address these serious gaps in transportation, Ridebuzz brings stakeholders together to advance innovative solutions that help people & organizations share transportation resources. 

By providing free online ride matching services, Ridebuzz helps our friends, family members & neighbors gain access to needed ride options - connecting us to the places we live, work and play, which helps sustain quality of life.  Many cannot not afford to go it alone, nor can we.  Your dollars will go the extra mile when you support Ridebuzz, a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization.  Sharing rides also cuts the cost and emissions in half!    

Ridebuzz has been founded on the generous time and financial support of passionate volunteers such as yourself, and we sincerely appreciate your meaningful support.  Please contribute so that we can make those dollars work for positive changes - allowing us to reach a larger community in need of cost-effective and efficient ride options.  Working together we can help mainstream the use of sharing rides through education and the availability of new technologies. 

Not only can we help people with mobility needs and care for our planet, but savings from sharing rides keeps millions of dollars circulating in our local economies - which is an economic stimulus we all need. 

Please join us for this ride and thank you kindly for your support,

Jeffrey D. Brown (Ridebuzz Founder) 

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Checks can be mailed to: Ridebuzz, PO BOX 106, Amherst, MA 01004