** Instructions to Join Bioneers Rideshare Group ** Important Info

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Instructions to Join Bioneers by the Bay Rideshare Group


Step 1: Click here to register http://www.ridebuzz.org/user/register (You may have to copy the link and paste it into your browser). A Password will be sent to your email.


Step 2: Request membership to join the group: login in with your password and then click here: http://www.ridebuzz.org/og/subscribe/491?destination=node%2F491


Step 3: Post your ride offered or needed into this group (create ride).

On the posting form you can select your audience by clicking the group link and selecting the desired check boxes. You can post to as many groups as you are enrolled in, if desired.


Step 4: Check back to this group for ride listings

Group Address: http://www.ridebuzz.org/bioneers

You can contact an author of a ride post using RideBuzz private mail (your address is not revealed), and you will receive an email notification when someone is contacting you. This group provides RSS feeds. Since you are also a part of the Ridebuzz community, you can search and post to the main ride board at www.ridebuzz.org, and also join other groups, like the rideshare group to the Garlic and Arts Festival. 

Please add the RideBuzz link to your website, blogs and social networking pages for others to find it. Also you can print and hang the flyer www.ridebuzz.org/flyer. Your part counts!

Thanks for sharing the ride!