Online Video guide: How to save $0.54 per gallon on gas

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I couldn't find a proper video converter for the video so i decided to just post the tips:

Basically the site is all about getting the information around to easily and efficiently distribute the burden of fuelling and boredom of transporting of travelling alone , the last point can't be stressed enough.

There are many tips online that help increase your car's mpg converter. Hypermiling has been covered, but includes some extreme driving that turns many people off. I also mentioned a few in a previous article, gas efficient driving, that included things like removing items from your trunk, inflating your tires, and keeping your engine in good condition with regular maintenance. But out of all the suggestions, there was only one thing that skyrocketed the online video mileage on my 2001 Civic from 32 to 47 mpg.

All I did was slow down.

I know that's a tall online order for our fast-foward-instant-gratification lifestyle. But imagine getting an extra 15 miles per gallon (that's at least an extra 200 miles per tank). With current gas prices and our slowing economy, it just might be worth taking it easy on the gas pedal. - video missing.

What exactly do I mean by slowing down? First, let's talk about highway speeds. - online video converter

In a typical family sedan, every 10 miles per hour you drive over 60 is like the price of converter gasoline going up about 54 cents a gallon. That figure will be even higher for less fuel-efficient vehicles that go fewer miles on a gallon to start with. -

That is based on a $3.25 price per gallon.

In response to the oil crisis in 1973, a 55 mph national speed limit was imposed. 55 mph is still a car's "sweet spot" for fuel efficiency. What uses the most energy of a car at high speeds is the force of air...... Full Read here: