How To Green Your Wedding

Every bride and groom dream of having the perfect wedding, but is it possible to celebrate this wonderful day while remaining environmentally friendly? Here are some tips for creating the beautiful, memorable, and eco-conscious wedding of your dreams!

Make sure the wedding spot you pick is both beautiful and not too difficult to reach! If you're near the city, try choosing venues near public transportation, or somewhere within an easy walk of both town and the reception. Keep in mind total travel distances that friends and family will need to travel; this may permit those you'd like to come. Setting up a wedding website early on (a website we like is will allow guests to share travel info and arrange wedding rideshares!

An extraordinary wedding may be made not by the size of the gigantic church, but by the beauty of the sunset!

Simple is beautiful - a message that cannot be stressed enough when planning your wedding day! This white arbor in front of a beautiful vista creates the ideal outdoor wedding altar. All that is needed is some chairs, a ring, and the perfect day!

Before you buy, we encourage you to think about wedding dress options: there are a million ideas out there! A fantastic, affordable, and ever-stylish choice is chosing a vintage wedding dress over a newer, more expensive design! These styles save manufacturing and shipping costs and therefore pollution, and also give a timeless air to the bride on her wedding day! Fun fact, after World War II, a popular wedding dress material for newlyweds was parachute fabric!

When chosing your ring, remember to research the stone's background if possible- it is very important to chose socially conscious, conflict-free diamonds! This cannot be stressed enough! No one wants the bloodshed of a "blood diamond" on their hands, so check out websites that offer certified, conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, such as Leber Jeweler Inc of Canada.

Think about alternatives to the velvet-cushion approach! A birds-nest is certainly an innovative approach, but its cute and fresh beauty says a lot about the couple!

Consider alternative forms of transportation to and from the wedding! Rather than using a gas guzzling classic car, redefine what a classy "just married" vehicle means to you! This may mean leaving the wedding on two wheels, or even hooves! Be sure to explore different options, and remember - this is your day! Guests will be happy with whatever choice you make, it is up to you to make the environmentally conscious one!

For those looking for the fairy-tale ending to their wedding wedding ceremony, a horse and buggy may be the perfect choice. This may be a pricey option for those in less rural areas, however. But don't dispair, there are still many eco-conscious ways to make your grand exit!

Whether you ride your own bike, or a friend gives you a ride, such as is seen below, be sure to decorate the bike with flowers! Also, the couple above are setting an excellent example, wearing their helmets from their wedding!

When having your wedding invitations made, be sure to be accurate when printing, as these can be costly. Consider recycled papers, and when possibly commisioning the invites from local printers. This way you will get to see the samples in person, before they are made, and often local artists and caligraphers do work on commission for weddings that may create exactly the personalized look you want!

Simple and beautiful decorations and centerpieces can be made affordably from local materials! If you are using a wedding planner, explore the different options your location may specialize in them, and make sure you profit from local availability! Flowers and candles such as these can be bought from local boutiques, making them both socially conscious as well as unique!

Again, when it comes to the reception and festivities, remember to buy local! If they're available in your area, consider locally brewed beers that guests will never have tried. The same goes for wines and juices and ciders - local farmers often will consider discounts for larger orders as well!

This beautiful table setting is both lush and simplistic. It's a still-life unto itself!

When picking the wedding cake, be sure to investigate local bakeries. Some of the best kept secrets may be hiding in the smallest shops! Be sure to emphasize the use of local ingredients from local farms, as well as organic dairy if possible. When it comes to flowers, check out edible flower options from local farms and greenhouses!

It is important when picking a caterer, to keep in mind that local caterers will help stimulate the local economy and can add a much more personal touch than the larger catering companies. Items such as these chocolate dipped cherries, and cupcakes show the touch of a very caring baker and caterer!

These berry-tortes are all made with local berries!