Boston to San Francisco

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Greater Boston Area
Boston, MA
United States
Greater Bay Area
San Francisco, CA
United States
Hi !!! I am transporting a truck and dog... Dog is in a kennel in the back ( Not in the Cab)... I have room for one person, a suitcase and a duffel and that's about it... You must be a Non-smoker and drug free, with a valid drivers license... I am looking for a great defensive driver... someone with good night vision that feels comfortable driving at night... the ride is essentially free... I will pay for the gas... you will be responsible for your own food and motel costs... When we stop... I love music... but not make your ears bleed loud music... I like to talk... but I enjoy silence just as much... I want to have a save... uneventful trip... lets meet and see if we are a match! Please contact me so we can discuss the details!!! All the best! Bob

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