Cross Country Flyboard/Hoverboard Safari RT

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Miami, FL
United States
San Francisco, CA
United States
Although the date of departure within the next 2-3 weeks is very flexible the plan is not—that is to embark on a cross country road trip that will not soon be forgotten! While the From/To (from Florida to Cali) remain certain how we fill in the space between is where this road trip has the potential to really rock. For example, we might explore various lakes and waterways, such as, Lake Powell in Utah to launch one or both brand new Waverunners each equipped with Flyboard and Hoverboard rigs and come as close to flying as one can imagine. With the option to pull the Red Epic camera and/or the Inspire drone—essential elements of this road trippers kit, to shoot the most worthy of these sessions. Arguably the coolest of cool toys that truly make for one seriously unlimited potential of engineering the road trip of all road trip where only the creative, bold and adventurous need apply. With a packed FX35 SUV this once in a lifetime adventure really only has room for one other—if you think that's you, then step up and get back ASAP. For the perfect partner in crime for this road trip the cost will be negligible. Eddie

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