Lookin' to catch a ride with someone going through Oakland/SF to the gathering!

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San Francisco/Oakland
San Francisco, CA
United States
Spiritweavers Gathering
Pioneer Town, CA
United States
Hello lovers! I'm going to be visiting San Francisco/Oakland area in the few days preceding the gathering. Hoping someone will be able to snag me on their way through that area. We can arrange where to meet; I'll figure out transit etc. to be wherever you need me to be at whatever time. I would love to arrive when the gates open, and be in time for the opening ceremony, etc., so if you are headed up early and have some extra room for a small traveller, please do hit me up! I can offer small art gifts or cool rocks I've found or massages or minor intuitive energy healings, if you dig somethin' like that. Also am told I make delightful company. :o} Please let me know if you have any questions about me, or think you might be able to pick me up. Thanks, and good love. Muah!

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