Providence to the west

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Providence RI
Providence, RI
United States
San Francisco, CA
United States
I am a natural travel companion. I am like a cat who cooks and drives, but doesn't make you sneeze. I can chip in a bit for gas (although my budget is under $200, so can't chip that much, would prefer to reserve that as emergency/food money). I'm trying to get to SF, but anywhere along the coast as far north as Washington is a fine start. I have a tent so I could be well out of the way if camping needs to happen, but I can also stay awake and drive while you sleep if you want a straight shot. If you have a bike rack I would probably bring my bike, otherwise sell it for gas money. either way works. The point is I'm flexible. I can drive or navigate, make conversation or shut up, get there in two days or two weeks, and leave whenever you're going. The departure date I set is totally approximate. I will be in Shelburne MA at Dhamma Dara on July 3, but I'm fine with leaving from Providence any day before or after that.

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