Ride needed to Lake Havasu, Arizona

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Glendale, CA
United States
Lake Havasu, AZ
United States
Hi, I'm 20 years old and am unable to get my hands on a car just yet. I need help getting to Arizona to see someone important. It would be a round trip, I'd get there, stay for a few hours, and then would need a ride back home. I know this seems like a hassle and I'd be lucky enough to find someone to help me do this. I've calculated everything, we'd leave at 7AM, get there around 10AM, do my business in six hours, get going home at 5PM, and be home by 8PM. I may decide to take his trip more than once, but I'm not entirely sure yet. If someone could please help me get to whee I need to go, I'd GREATLY appreciate it, because I know this isn't a simple thing I'm asking.

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