Room for one Male, Albuquerque to Boston or in between.

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Downtown Albuquerque
Albuquerque, NM
United States
Suburban Boston
Boston, MA
United States
I am driving from Albuquerque to Boston on July 5 or 6 with an estimated date of arrival in Boston on July 8 or 9. I plan on stopping in or near Joplin, Missouri and Mansfield, OH to spend the night at a motel. I am moving to Boston so my belongings (kitchenware and clothes) will take up most of the back seat and trunk of my older model Nissan Maxima. I have room for one male (sorry no females, I'm engaged) with one small piece of luggage (Backpack, duffel bag, carry-on). Whomever I share the ride with should have a valid US driver license, should not have any illegal drugs or weapons with them and should be willing to share the driving load, pay for part of gas and two-bed motel room (2 nights) and should have the means to pay for their meals along the way. No smoking in the car. My trip will lead me through major cities in Oklahoma, Missouri, Southern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. So I can drop you or pick you up along the way. I intend to go through upstate New York and then Western Massachusetts but if you need to get to Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York City, I can take that route instead. Though if you're going to New York City, I'll drop you off at a commuter train station in northern New Jersey. About me: professional in my mid-30s moving to Boston for a new job. I'm an overall friendly guy and I like friendly conversation and many styles of music (except EDM). Even though I would prefer not to talk about controversial topics in order to keep the conversation light along the way, I'd rather share my care with a like-minded person who won't be voting for Trump in November. If you can see yourself sharing a ride with me please respond.

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