Room for one passenger!! From Fort Campbell, KY to Belton, Texas

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Fort Campbell Base- Gate 1
Fort Campbell , KY, 42223
United States
Oak Village Shopping Center
Belton, TX
United States
ride offered Hello, Does anyone need a ride to Texas for the holiday week? We are driving from Fort Campbell to Belton, Texas. We only have room for one person. Please be clean, no smoking in the car and no alcohol/drugs with you. We have space in the trunk if you have a luggage or bag to bring. We are charging $200, Perfect for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on last minute flight! We are traveling on December 22. The drive is approximately 12 hours. My husband and I are doing all the driving so we will only be stopping for gas as needed. If you are interested please text 2538886214 no email since I barely check my email. Must have cash and ID to ensure safety. Thanks.

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