Forward on Climate Rally

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Youngstown or surronding suburbs
youngstown, OH, 44512
United States
white house climate rally
Washington, DC
United States
this is my FIRST TIME doing anything "large scale" like this rally.....a little nervous as to what to do or where to go....i don't mind how ever many days you want to stay there. i am open to ANY departure AND return DATES....i would need to look for VERY CHEAP place to SLEEP....looking forward to this new experience, so should be kinda fun for me.... i am 52 yrs. old, and a female, but your ages or genders don't really seem to be an issue at all for me...i am easygoing, but MUST take "breaks" on the drive to streatch legs, eat, use restrooms, etc., because i despise driving loooong distances, straight through....and i am claustraphobic so i MUST have "DIBBS" on one of your WINDOW SEATS if you have other people going with you... I DO NEED A "ROUND TRIP" OFFER, NOT just one way or the other....WILL SHARE GAS COSTS...

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