Free University Rideshare Program and Ridematching System - Carpool

 Free Organizational Rideshare and Ridematching Program

for University, College, Business, and Member Organizations


Ridebuzz is free for Organizations and is easy to use.  The program harnesses robust social networking technology and a geographic ridematching and notification system.  Ridebuzz offers higher-levels of consultation for compaign success and program ROI.  As a registered 501 c3 non-profit organization, Ridebuzz is committed to helping your University or community with sustainable solutions.  Any and all donations are tax-exempt.

Step 1. Register (free)

Step 2. Create Group (free)

Ridebuzz is also used by: Organizations/businesses/municipalities/member networks.  Follow  step 1-3  to create group.

Step3. Contact Ridebuzz to have your Rideshare Group enabled for your school or organizational email address, and to receive promotional material and expert consulting to launch a successful rideshare program.

If you have any questions, please email or call 978-394-3740

For free rideshare groups for your events (conference, shows, festivals, concerts, large gatherings, etc.) register in step 1. and click here to create your EVENT GROUP.