People and Organizations Involved


Ridebuzz People


Friends of Ridebuzz is a 501 c3 (non-profit). RideBuzz thanks the following individuals and organizations for helping RideBuzz to become possible:

The Busy Bees of Ridebuzz:

Jeff Brown - RideBuzz Founder & Executive Director

Mauricio Abascal - Technology (Pig & Pig Web Development)

Josh Cohen - Technology - (

Josh Brown - Strategic Planning

Organizational Development/Consultants:

Marc Osten - Summit Collaborative

Richard Lopatka

Board of Advisors:

Richard Heinberg - Post-Carbon Institute

Dan Finn
Pioneer Valley Local First (BALLE)

Michael Dewey (Director)

Julie Johnson - The Hitchcock Center for the Environment

Lynn Benander - Co-op Power

Peggy MacLeod - Center for Ecological Technology (CET)

Advisors Past

Mike deLeon

Volunteers, Interns, and Collaborators:
Acadia Jacob
Kendrick Wong

UMASS Isenberg School of Management Professor Doron Goldman and his students:
Yanina Vatynskaya
Kristen LaGumina
Christina Cronin
Matt Matorin
Bobby Sanborn
Steve Marchand
Yuki Ishizu
Tiffany Luo
Justin Rubin
Cassie Tetreault
Jason Li
Zeke Medina
Robin Lajoie
Rachel Scott
Laurie Carr
Michelle Kissane
Kathryn Kell
Francis Maheno
Aili May
Alex Mai
Dan Marx
Dusty Hall
Heidi Burgess
Kevin Kelleher
Ben Riseman
Beth Solomon
George Vazquez
Henry Eisemann
Joseph Ford
Kaden Chaffee
Lina Bustos

Chelsey Hahn
Josh Masterson
Sean Hong
Claire Bolton
Mauricio Abascal
Andy Anderson
Jenna Balfe
Dakota Benedetto
David Benedetto
Kathy Bonnet
Tabitha Boschetti
Jeff Brown
Tomasin Whitaker
Mike deLeon
Dan Finn
Amalfi Gayosso
Molly Hale
Hank Heaphy
Dan Kinsey
Peter Rakelbusch
David Ruderman
Steve Shea
Michael Sullivan
Lori Tuominen
Ruth vonGoeler
Alan Wertkin
Betty Wolfson
Jackie Young
Deb Chandler






















In-Kind Supporters, Organizations:

iAM Business Consulting, Shalini Bahl

Franklin Regional Transit Authority, MA

The Henion Bakery, Amherst, MA
Orion Grassroots Network

Beueno Y Sano - best Burritos (Amherst, Northampton)

Deans Beans - Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Post Oil Solutions, Southern VT

Left Click, Computer Repairs, Amherst MA  (RideBUzz recommends Left Click)

Welcome to Town Advertising, Western Mass
Booklets for students and new Residents

MoodStreams - Soundstracks for living. Sounds from life.  Nature, Relaxation, Meditation

Andanje Foundation - Empowering Global Youth Through Tecnology

Earth Work Programs

BayPath College, MA

Black Sheep Deli, Amherst, MA

GREEN Northampton

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network

Loiodice & Associates (legal Services), Melissa M. Loiodice

Vermont Rail Advocacy Network

Parenting Directory

Great Food, Beer, Coffee and a Waterfall

Corporate Watchdog Radio

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment

Dan Finn
Pioneer Valley Local First (PVBALLE)

Charles Uchu Strader
GAIA Host Collective, LLC

Mike deLeon
MHD Technical Services

Raos Coffee, Amherst MA

Co-op Power

The Jones Library, Amherst, MA (

Center for Ecological Technology (CET)

Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC)

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Western M

River Valley Market Co-op

Town of Amherst

Energy Conservation Task Force

Amherst Public Transportation Committee

RunAbout Cycles, Inc.

Northampton Transportation and Parking Commission (

Highland Valley Elder Services

Flayvors of Cook Farm

Pioneer Valley Relocalization Project
(Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities)

Collective Copies

MassBike/Pioneer Valley

Hilltown Families

Central Connecticut River Valley Institute, Inc.

Citizen Logistics (Ground Crew)
The SOHOrganizer
[email protected]

New Leaf of Hampshire College

Deva Sudolsky, Massage Therapy compassionately priced for the hard working folk. Northampton, MA. [email protected], 413-626-6797

River Valley tech Collective, Florence, MA. The Organic; fair trade: technology solution for your Organization!

Mass Permaculture Guild